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There are various team skills and individual skills needed to play good football. It is a physical sport that requires endurance, strength and speed. 

Endurance Training


footballThere are various ways to help improve muscle endurance for instance high-knee running instead of running regularly. It is important with endurance training that you don’t give your muscles time to recover this helps keep them active. Instead of going for lower reps with higher weight, you actually need to teach your body to sustain the exercise for as long as possible. Therefore it is better to use lower weight but higher reps, this will help your body learn to hold it for extended periods of time rather than exerting yourself for short bursts of time.
Aerobic Exercises that will help boost your endurance levels are:
• Swimming
• Long Distance Cycling
• Long Distance Running


Speed Training


football3Plyometrics are a good way to develop the kind of power needed on the pitch. These are sprints that start from a variety of different positions and will help you build up your speed over time. It is recommended you do not do plyometrics more than once a week to enable your muscles time to recover. There are different intensities to this form of exercise, which will suit different people. Some basic tests to find out what level is best for you can simply be done at home:
• Stand on one leg for 30 seconds – this tests your balance. If you can do this with ease, move on to the next test. If you struggle with this then you need to concentrate on low to medium plyometric exercises.
• Stand on one leg for 30 seconds while in a squat position – if you can achieve this, medium to high intensity exercises are for you.
If you can handle there higher intensity exercises then simple carry out more of the exercises below: 
• Squat Jumps
• Spilt Squat Jumps
• Bounding
• Zigzag Jumps



football2There are various techniques involved in a game of football:


- Shooting

There are types of techniques that can be applied to striking. The volley involves kicking the ball while it is still in the air, this can however be hard to make accurate. The overhead kick means clearing the ball even when you are facing the wrong direction. The most important thing is to be accurate.

- Tackling

What ever your position in the game you need to be able to tackle. There are a few different types of tackle: Jockeying, Sliding Tackling and a Block Tackle. Jockeying allows your teammates time to get themselves into better positions for you to pass to them by rolling the ball between your legs and keeping it in your possession. Slide tackling when carried out properly is a very effective skill. If you get this wrong you could give away a foul. 

- Passing

The inside of the foot provides the greatest accuracy for short passes; these are ideal if the opponent is closing in, but you don’t want to give away possession.

- Control

It is often said that the first touch on a ball is important for how well you can keep the ball under control from there on in. Stop turns are an important part of any game. You need to be able to run with the ball at speed but also be able to apply the brakes and get yourself round the ball to take it in other direction should the need occur.

- Heading

Is a good skill to posses whatever position you play, the forehead is the safest part of the head to use – make sure you get your timing right.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


The Right Diet


pastaIt is important for footballers to have a good diet so they are at the peak of physical fitness. It is all about balance, eating too much you will put on weight but not eating enough and you won’t have the energy needed for the game. After training you need to eat lots of high glycemic foods – these aid muscle recovery giving you the ability to train for longer. 

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