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Rugby players require varying degrees of strength and power depending on their playing position and the movements being performed. A common requirement no matter which position you play is to be able to apply strength quickly, such as accelerating, making a big tackle, or jumping in a lineout.

Strength Training

rugby1Strength is required for power, supporting arms and legs (core stability), avoiding injury, and coping with contact. Excellent exercises to help boost your core are:
• Bosu Squats
• Planks
• Oblique Twists
The development of strength and power relies on resistance training and involves exercising at various loads, speeds, angles and frequencies.


Resistance Training

rugny2Resistance training will help to develop size, maximum strength, endurance, stability, power, or a mix of outcomes. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a fantastic way to this up. Example routine:
Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes
• 21 Push Ups
• 19 squats
• 15 Pull Ups
• 12 Burpees


The Right Diet

rugby3The right diet can make or break your sports career. For rugby players you need foods high in energy, this will help muscle gain. Carbohydrates, that word that so many people dread is exactly what you need to be eating. Foods rich in carbohydrates should form the basis for all meals and snacks to help with training recovery and performance out on the field. Foods containing protein are important to get a full balanced diet, but you do not need to eat too much as they are not a main source of energy. Alcohol should be avoided in large quantities as it means slow recovery from training sessions and can add to weight gain.

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